At Momentum Physical Therapy, we have years of experience treating children of all ages and varying degrees of physical issues.  We focus our treatment on each specific child and work with the child, their parents and/or caregivers, and the pediatricians to find the right solution for everyone.  Some of the most commonly seen issues are listed below.


Torticollis translates to "twisted neck" and results in your baby's preference for either rotating or tilting their head to one side more than the other.  This can be the result of insufficient space in utero, too much time spent on their backs and not enough tummy time, or other unforeseen circumstances.  Often there is a flatness of the skull either straight across the back of their head (brachycephaly) or on one side (plagiocephaly) that results from prolonged time spent in their preferred position.  Physical therapy can be effective to treat these issues and can also help to promoted gross motor development in these children.

Toe Walking

Another very common pediatric problem that we encounter in our physical therapy clinic is children walking on their toes.  It may seem harmless, but as children continue to walk like this it creates long-lasting muscular tightness in their calf muscles, which will often require physical therapy to alleviate.  We also see a decrease in the strength of the muscles responsible for pulling the toes up during walking.  This results in a lot of tripping and falling in our younger kids.  There are many different reasons some children decide to walk on their toes.  No matter what the reason, the sooner we address this issue the better!


W-sitting is a position for sitting that many young children adopt as they grow.  It is a very stable form of sitting that some children choose without even thinking about it.  Often times they are doing this in order to make up for weaknesses they may have in their hips and core.  It is normal to move in and out of this position while they play, but sitting in this position for an extened period of time can create a number of issues, including tightness in their hips and poor development of their core muscles, which can cause problems with coordination and balance.  Physical therapy can be very effective in changing this posture and improving the imbalances that it creates.